Playing at the Drive in:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday

 Incredibles 2

movie starts at 8:30
Gate opens at 8:00

Drive in closed Monday and Tuesdays

Playing at  Narrow Gauge Cinemas:
The Following schedule is good for Friday-Thursday June 22nd to June 28th

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Daily at 12:30, 3:30, 6:30, 7:30 and 9:30

Incredibles 2 (PG)
Daily at 1:00, 2:00, 3:45, 6:45, 7:45 and 9:30

RBG (PG-13)
Daily at 1:45 and 4:00

A Drift (PG-13)
Nightly at 4:30, 7:30 and 9:30

Tag (R)
Daily at 1:15, 4:00, 7:00 and 9:30

Book Club (PG-13)
Daily at 1:30 and 4:45

Oceans 8 (PG-13)
Daily at 12:45, 3:45, 6:45 and 9:30






We are Pleased to Accept
Credit and Debit Cards!

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